Batteries, NP-F970 or 18650
  • Hello,

    I am going to make a gimbal that holds a 1kg camera and the gimbal will also weigh roughly 1kg as well, so the Yaw motor will be seeing roughly 2kgs of weight.

    I am going to use either 5208, 6208, or 6212 motors (maybe a mix) with encoders. Most likely buying an IFlight kit of the 5208, or 6208 with encoders.

    Would 2 NP-F970 batteries in Series be able to provide enough amperage? (each pack is 7.2v with 6300mAh) I cannot find a safe discharge rating for these batteries.

    I scavenged a bunch of 18650 packs from old PC's and I wanted to use those but I am nervous as I do not have a way to ensure they are stable.
    As this is for a school project, there should be as minimal risk as possible.

  • Use 30 of NP-F970 it will be fine. Just make sure they are equally charged before starting to use them and and would be good to have somekinf of battery monitoring per battery, or just to be careful not fully discharging either battery. If one of the batteries is weaker than the other, it will be easilly over discarded.
  • 30, or 3, I am very confused...
  • I have no idea where the 30 came from :) I meant to say 2 of .
  • When you say have a battery monitoring of some kind, would you use like an led voltage display?

    My worry was that they wouldn't provide enough current but that wouldn't be an issue?
  • No problem with the current. With encoders the gimbal really does not use much current normally and the max current the board can handle is about 4.5 A (all axis forced), a 6300 mAh batery can take that at least for some time.
  • 4.5A would be enough for roughly 2kg with 6212 motors, I would have thought there would have been more current required.

    The batteries are designed to power a DSLR Camera