Beholder DS1 roll axis not working on joystick
  • The Beholder DS1 is working correctly except for the feature of pressing the Joystick to switch modes. I currently have to use the menu button that is on the camera mount (setup button in the DS1 instructions) to be able to switch between profiles. Product reviews and videos show pressing the joystick inwards to be able to switch modes but it's not working.

    The DS1 was a restore project from a gimbal that had all of it's configuration wiped before the factory profiles could be saved. I'd recreated the profiles and have the RC settings configured as below and the joystick does allow the movement of the camera on the yaw and pitch axis as expected.

    RC_ROLL pin mode: Sum-PPM
    ROLL: no input
    FC_ROLL: no input
    FC_PITCH: no input

    Again, I'm able to switch between profiles using the menu but pressing in on the joystick does not. Experimentation shows that the pressing appears to be working as RC_VIRT_CH_5 will switch between a LOW to HIGH state, but as a switch (on or off and doesn't switch state until pressed again to turn off) and doesn't allow for a middle pressure value.

    RC_VIRT_CH_3 doesn't appear to register. I suspect that Adjust Variables or an RC adjustment may be required.

  • Turns out it needed to be RC_VIRT_CH_5. All good to Go!