Serial API + GPS to follow a moving target
  • Hi all, I'm trying to set up some complex shots that involve a camera on a truck moving away from a specific target (up to a kilometre) whilst keeping the target always in the centre of the frame.

    I'd like to use the Alexmos system to do this and I've just started reading around and studying. Do the experts here have any suggestions?

    Could I have a small gps enabled computer that calculates the bearing of the target from the truck and feeds this info to the Alexmos board over the serial api? Will a magnetometer addition to the board help correct for drift?

    In essence I'm hoping that the the computer can do the slow calculations of bearing and that the Alexmos system corrects for the horrifically bumpy terrain we'll be driving over!
  • That would work in to some degree at least, but some smart filtering to keep it smooth is likely needed.

    I would try just manually tracking it.
  • @revthanki Have you continued with this project?
  • We have

  • Cool, has the code of this project been published anywhere? Did you do any smart filtering as you suggested?
  • See the description of the video, here is more about the system https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=66387 geopointing at the end of the second page.

    On this we are still using just a normal GPS. It could also follow the target, if its posisson is available via 20 Hz GPS tracker etc. and It could to this at the same time the gimbal is moving.

    All calculations are done in the gimbal system (micro controller) Computer just provides map to select the coordinates, control the gimbal with joystick and control the camera and lens.