Mavlink and USB together on a Tiny Rev B
  • I have a Tiny board Rev B (FW version 2.60 b4) which I want to connect to my flight controller (PixRacer with PX4). I have followed the SimpleBGC manual v 2.63 and configured it on the Mavlink tab with serial port UART1 and I can see the gimbal's heartbeats on the flight controller. So far so good.
    However, I don't seem to be able to connect to the board via USB at the same time, which I would really like to do for debugging. Whenever I plug in the UART cable, I stop getting data on the GUI (running on a Mac). Once I disconnect it, I see data again.
    According to the manual, USB and Mavlink working together on UART1 is NOT a problem for "Tiny" boards.

    Am I misunderstanding the manual? How can I configure/connect the board to enable both connections at the same time?
  • same issue here, but I put an HC-04 Bluetooth on UART1. I'm waiting on an answer from tech support. There's a cutable trace under the USB port that is labeled USB/UART1 so that must be something.
  • Hello. Tiny Rev.B differs from Rev.A - it has the uart convrrter that has better support in desktops then native USB. But you can switch to direct USB by cutting a bridge and soldering neighbour jumper on the back side of the board near USB connector. Also note that there is a second UART option: RC_SERIAL shared with the Rc_roll and Rc_yaw inputs
  • Hello,
    I connect gimbal to flight control.
    AHRS-OK,GPS-OK,RC-OK,but Control is no.
    Can you tell me how you do it?