Important PROBLEM!!!
  • Important problem.
    I had several days with a rather serious problem and after several tests I came to the conclusion that there is a serious problem on the simpleBGC boards.

    I am using 32 bit simpleBGC cards with encoders: AS5048A, B PWM and I can not use the RC_ROLL input because it burns every time I connect the encoders.

    First gimbal in which I prove this, the RC_ROLL input does not work with either PWM or SBUS. I thought it was strange, but possible. Then, I was working with another computer with encoders with another plate, and it had the same result. The RC_ROLL entry did not work.

    Buy a new 32bit bitBGC card, from the latest versions, probe the connection before installing the system on the gimbal, and all the inputs worked perfect. I try the RC_ROLL input with SBUS and it works very well. I install the controller in the gimbal, I connect the encoders AS5048, calibration perfectly ... the gimbal works wonders, but when I want to test the input of RC_ROLL to connect SBUS, it does not work. It burned the RC_ROLL input without connecting some cable or something, was only when you connect the encoders.

    Try everything, delete the EEPROM, restore old versions, reinstall everything again with care and always the same result.

    I lost a lot of time and the worst of all is that I urgently needed it to work with RC or SBUS ....

    I was crying in a corner for this serious problem that I can not solve ....

    I can not even connect PWM or something in the RC_ROLL input, it is completely dead ...

    Is there anyone who has a solution to this ?????????


    Thank you

    • In the "Regular" and "Tiny" controllers and their modifications, RC_ROLL input in this version of firmware is occupied by the SPI bus, so its alternative functions (Sum-PPM and serial) are moved to the AUX3 input. "Serial functions" include Spektrum, S-bus and SBGC Serial API interfaces.
    • If RC_ROLL input is not occupied by the SPI bus, starting from the firmware 2.60, you can return all serial functions to it's origin. To do this, disable the check-box "Swap RC_SERIAL ↔UART2 ports" in the "Advanced" tab
    • For "Extended" and "Pro" versions of controller, there are dedicated ports for SPI and PWM interfaces, so RC_ROLL pin functionality is unaffected.
  • Thanks Garug, I was able to solve it with his advice.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!
  • Hi

    I have disable the check-box "Swap RC_SERIAL ↔UART2 ports", but RC_Roll input ppm or sbus is not work . by version is 2.63.b0 test fw.

    please check.

    Thx .

  • Hi Gyus

    my mainboard is minibgc . He does not have an AUX3 pin.
    So I can find the pin input myself. Then fix the issue.
  • I have the encoder software. No advanced tab showing.
    Please help, thanks,
  • Hello triolus,

    Please, send your serial number and question to info@basecamelectronics.com
  • Just for reference, the "disable the check-box "Swap RC_SERIAL ↔UART2 ports"" works for me, now I can use Sbus in the RC_ROLL Pin.

    thanks Garug!
  • I have a FrSky x8r, Taranis X9D plus, sbgc v3.0, FW 2.63b0. PWM works fine for me, but with Sbus on RC_ROLL pin, signals are not detected.
    Have the "Swap RC_SERIAL ↔UART2 ports" disabled (even tried to enable it) but not luck. Any idea of what it might be?