using three axis encoders with two IMU's
  • If i use three axis encoders each for one axis and 2 IMU's will the 2nd IMU be redundant.
  • With encoders only camera IMU is needed
  • "With encoders only camera IMU is needed " Garug" ???
    I don't understand why 2nd "frame" IMU is unnecessary ? If I use two or one IMU the precision of work is the same? Of course if I use encoders. I start build 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer with endoders but yaw arm is lower than 40°So if my gimbal will have one IMU "camera"his work will continue to be at a high level of stabilization some like with two IMU ?
  • Yes, Camera IMU is all you need with Encoders. The Camera IMU is the one taking care of stabilisation. Frame IMU is just tell the gimbal positions, so that the stabilisation works well also on other positions than level. Encoders do that also, so no frame IMU needed with encoders.