Control DYS Smart 3 Running 2.40b8 With Pixhawk 1 Running Arducopter 3.4.6 Via Telem1 Serial UART
  • I would like to control my DYS gimbal via serial from my Pixhawk. I confirmed the rx/tx pins on the BGC function by connecting an FTDI adapter and then connecting through the adapter with the GUI. That worked. I have the Pixhawk Serial1 set to protocol 7 (Alexmos) and the speed is 115. Are there any special settings that have to be done in the GUI in order for this to work? I had RC Targeting working with a STorM32 board that was connected to the pixhawk. What's the magic sauce here? Thanks!
  • I performed additional troubleshooting. I connected the output of the Pixhawk Telem1 port to the FTDI adapter and I was able to see output from the Pixhawk. Further, when I moved the assigned sliders on my Taranis, I saw a change in the output; looks like the data is being sent to the Smart 3. What am I missing?