Can i use the external IMU?
  • Hello

    I am making accurate maintenance devices with gimbal

    I have confirmed that GIMBAL can not maintain the direction after a certain period of time.

    I think it is because IMU does not give sophisticated heading value.

    So I would like to use the external IMU for additional maintenance.

    Is this possible?

    It uses external IMU data through serial communication (Serial API).

    Alternatively, an external IMU signal can be input directly to the GIMBAL board.

    For example, VN-300 or 3DM-GX4-25

    My Board version. 3.6 Firmware : 2.60 b4

    I wonder if this is a possible scenario.

    Thank you for your help.

    Have a good day
  • What do yo mean by "additional maintenance" If you have a better IMU it is possible to connect that using the Serial API, but it should then be always connected.

    Normal IMU, especially the latest CANbus IMU performs pretty well especially when temperature calibrated, but there always is some drifting.
  • Thank you for your kind reply.
    "additional maintenance" is The exact meaning is precise system.
    I have additional questions.
    I want to input the external IMU signal to the GIMBAL control board.
    I'm wondering how it works.
    Do I have to transfer the same IMU signal to the i2c communication port on the control board?
    Or is it possible to pass an external IMU signal through the Serial API?
    What serial APIs should I use if I transfer through the Serial API?
    Do i2c communications need to send the same signal as the basic IMU?
    please answer about my question.
    Thank you.
  • see CMD_AHRS_HELPER use latest FW and Serial API. I have not used it though, so you might want to contact BaseCam directly.