Brushless gimbal configuration with Mavlink (Pixhawk 1 autopilot)
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to configure a 2-axis (100 degree pitch, 360 degree yaw) gimbal using SBGC v3.6 Extended, FW 2.60b4. When no Mavlink is connected/configured, gimbal seems to stabilize normally.

    I have configured Mavlink connection on the serial port (AUX3, RC_YAW) and I can see status:
    AHRS - OK, GPS - OK, RC - OK, Control – no

    However, mavlink control does not work. I have configured joystick with RC6 (pitch) and RC7 (yaw), and used API_VIRT_xx ports as RC pitch and yaw. In monitoring tab, I can see the RC channels move as I move joystick.

    "point camera here" feature in Mission Planner does not work either.

    what am I missing and how I can troubleshoot?

    thank you!

  • Hello,
    In the ArduPilot you need to set-up gimbal mount type, to let him to start sending DO_MOUNT_CONTROL command. See SBGC32 User Manual 2.6x - it's described here how you can do it.
  • Hello

    I am having what seems to be the same problem as above (AHRS, GPS and RC = OK, Control: no). I have set MNT_TYPE=4 as on p 69 of the SimpleBGC user manual. The gimbal will follow the copter when yawing, so to me it seems likely that it receives the Mavlink data, but nothing happens when I attempt to control it using Mission planner (pointing, neutral, retract command etc are nonresponsive). I am able to control the gimbal using the RC and virtual channels, but I want things set up so I don't need to use this.

  • Hello!

    I use 8-bit board. Like this one https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/KxIAAOSwyQtVgkFm/s-l300.jpg

    Can it be connected to Pixhawk via serial port and cotrolled with Mavlink?

    Thank you.
  • Hi, same problem on my HDAir infinity mr360.
    AHRS - OK, GPS - OK, RC - OK, Control – no
    Out of options, need advice.
  • Hello,
    I connect Mavlink Control with gimbal.
    AHRS-OK,GPS-OK,RC-OK,but Control is no.
    Firmware is 2.68.b6.
    what should i do?
  • @alexmos
    Doeas any friends have suggestion about controlling gimbal through mission planner as a ground station