Connecting SimpleBGC to Pixhawk (ardupilot)
  • Hi everyone,

    I've just received my InfinityMR-S gimbal with AlexMos controller (2.60 b4).
    I'm trying to connect Pixhawk (ardupilot) to AlexMos to be able to control it.
    I've followed the instructions in the alexmos manual but didn't succeed. Nothing happened when I run Pixhawk and gimbal after doing the stated configuration.

    I also tried to communicate using the Serial Protocol but didn't succeed. Pixhawk send commnands and the gimbal moves but It just moves to its limits of angles.

    Could someone please help me to get this to work?

  • Hi SalahuddinAsh,

    I have an InfinityMR-360 gimbal with alexmos controller (2.60 b4).
    I am also trying to connect to a Pixhawk 2.1 running arducopter 3.4 and also having some troubles.

    When you say you got it to work using the Serial Protocol are you using the Mavlink protocol explained in the manual on page 67 or the serial protocol compatible with Ardupilot param SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 7 (where x is your port number)?

    If it the serial protocol do you happen to have a guide or link for instructions?

    Here I am trying to get the Mavlink protocol working, but getting stuck at Control.
    I can get AHRS, GPS, and RC to all return OK but I can't seem to get Control to return OK. Using UART2 I have connected AUX3 and RC_YAW to the Pixhawk Telem 2 port.

    As for the limits of angles I might be miss understanding, but here I had to adjust the Num. Poles in order increase the angle limits. For full range I had to set Num. Poles to 28, 28, 28 for ROLL, PITCH, and YAW respectively.

    Hopefully we can help each other out with this issue.

  • Hi Guys!!
    I'm Julien, new owner of a Infinity-MR 360!
    Really happy with this gimbal, i made wonderfull shots with a 2 operators configurations, stock settings and a Sony a6000.
    I did'nt succeed to connect the gimbal via Mavlink, despite several trials of settings. I don't have the confirmation of communication between FC and Gimbal on the mavlink's GUI page so I will try the mapping that reedskyefish explained. Could you precise the wiring you use? I'm confused about Tx and Rx configuration...
    If we take that storm32 picture for reference:
    Where do you plug the green and orange wires? Yaw or Aux?

    Second issue for me, the connection of an Rx on aux3 and RC yaw (operator controlling pitch/yaw) does not work anymore since i tried to connect Mavlink, even after setting all the parameters back.

    Any idea?



  • Hello,

    The MavLink configuration is described in details in the User Manual ver.2.6x, you can download fresh version from our website. Try to follow all requirements and configure it in the AutoPilot, as described.

    For the second question: when you select MavLink protocol on the RC_SERIAL port, system automatically change the "RC_ROLL pin mode" to "SBGC Serial API". Disabling MavLink does not return this parameter back. Go to the "RC" settings tab and set it back to desired mode.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • Hello
    I have managed to connect pixhawk trogh either serial or mav. On 2.60 yaw is inverted, 2.62 imu/motor mismatch ... is there a way to download 2.61 ?

    If using serial or mavlink how to set up fc gains and fcroll/fcpitch ?
    If ahrs is ok does still need for those to be set up ?
    Manual does not specify fcroll/pitch. How to set those up in apm ?

    Observed that mnt control on apm has priority over controller. Example angle limits are set be apm not basecam no matter what targeting mode is selected in apm mnt targeting mode. Is there a way to use basecam settings when connecting on mav ?

    Is it serial xonnection advantages over mavlink ?

    Thanks !
  • Hello,

    The Parameters FC_ROLL, FC_PITCH gains are for old PWM way of connection, so with MavLink are not in action, just leave empty.

    When AP takes gimbal under control, it has a priority compared to RC control. But RC limits are still applied to ROLL and PITCH, as usual. Also, some smoothing is applied (equal to 5 if set in the RC tab).
    Which settings do you want to be in action for AP gimbal control?

    Our Serial API is more gimbal-targeted, of course. MavLink has very pure support for gimbals.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • I have a question for You who can help me. I want to connect my board i think it is 32 bit regular to my pixhawk viamavlink but i want still to have possibility to connect separate reciever to my BGC. Simply i need to connect via mavlink so that my gimbal get help from flight controller but i think when i turn on uart2 i must use RC_Yaw pin so im loosing control for my second operator im understanding that right ? Or i can just connect pixhawk via aux port on BGC and still use rc ports ??
  • As I understand it, the BGC has two separate connections for Flight Controller or RX
    You hook them both up and configure them so you can have the flight controller move the gimbal or you can have your transmitter RC control move it
  • Yes and no because BGC has FC imputs for pitch and rool no yaw input and RC has inputs for all three axes but everybody sugest to use uart connection and i want to ask how You guys do that
  • Yaw from the flight controller comes from the drone moving not the gimbal.
    You literally turn the copter in the air and let the gimbal compensate on roll and pitch
    I have talked with people that have both set up on a Storm, and wen they use sliders on the RC it will control pitch and other axes, when they don't touch those and just fly the vehicle around the FC sends what it needs for the gimbal to work
  • I wanted to be te first to get an Alexmos working with Pixhawk Solo/IMX6 but there is not enough evidence that it will work as well as the Storm so I have not pulled the trigger on a gimbal board yet
  • sorry but your not the first to get this working !!! you do not need to control all 3 axis only 2 axis max! Yes you do not need to control yaw or roll you can use follow mode and only control pitch from RC tx most people use the extra Chanel as camera trigger !
  • Yes Guys but i need to connect second reciever to operate via second TX camera operator probably be second person. I just see on Alex Moskalenko videos that gimbal behaves better when connected to FC. Yesterday i see that i can use SUM PPM reciever on one of RC channels and then use virtual ports on RC tab so i think i just try this with connecting to pixhawk and see what happen
  • awesome can you point me to who has it working in the context I am speaking?
    with a Pixhawk and a IMX6 from solo coordinating the smart shots?
    because so far, it has only been done with the storm that I know of
  • Aye, I've just discovered the solo link. Bits arrived yesterday and within 2 hours set up and working. I've also the MrPro which I'd like to feed with mavlink down the road. It may have been done but I've not heard much descriptive talk of how and the results. I've even heard some considering coining in on their solution. Which makes me think it's not so easy.
  • if not impossible, that has what has prevented me from going Alexmos
  • Trying out the alexmos with mavlink but I'm not getting any communication.
    Here's my settings.
    Am I missing anything obvious?
    Controller calibrated and responding in missionplanner

    mavlink tab:
    channel 1 = rx-serial (using mrpro yaw and aux 3 pins connected to rx,tx)
    sys id/comp = 1, 154
    port = 115200, none partiy
    send hearbeat = yes

    Rc settings tab:
    Roll-pin mode = sbgc serial_api
    roll pitch yaw etc all set to no imput

    SERIAL2_BAUD = 115
    BRD_SER2_RTSCTS = "0"

    ( serial SR3 does not necessarily correspond to serial 3 just the 3rd Mavlink port enabled in order used (usb SR1, telemetry 1 SR2, telemetry 2/alexmos SR3)
    SR3_EXTRA1 = 20
    SR3_POSITION = 5
    SR3_RC_CHAN = 20
    all other SR3_ parameters set to 0.

  • hmm setting serial_protocol =2 and I get something
    100 packets, 4500 lost packets and around 1000 parse errors.
    flicks between no and low warning on AHRS, the rest none
  • Dear All...

    I'm using the gimbal ARRIS cm3000 (SimpleBCG32-Alexmos). I'm practice the wiki of ardupilot which is about gimbal connection --> (http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-simplebgc-gimbal.html#commo...).

    During the BaseCam SimpleBGC software setting all works fine about the frame follow mode (enabled for the yaw and disabled for the pitch and roll)…

    than, when i connect to the "Telemetry2" port, the remote controll seem to be right about DO_MOUNT-CONTROL orientation (command of Mission Planner GCS for the yaw, pitch and roll gimbal orientation) but the problem is the inconsistence between the yaw reference angle of the gimbal that does not follow the frame yaw during the fly.... it should be ever the same...

    I would be grateful if you could help me to understand how is possible that the gimbal works fine for the FOLLOW YAW exclusively when it is not connect to the Pixhawk. In fact just i connect on the "telemetry2" port of pixhawk the gimbal lost its follow mode for the yaw and keeps to point a wrong specific direction ( like pitch and roll)...

    I'm deeply studing the wiki ardupilot, i'm searching about a parameter that enables the YAW FOLLOW MODE in ardupilot but nothing until now.

    I know that ther is a Mavlink connection possibility (using different configuration and wiring) but I'd like to try with Alexmos first.

    can somebody help me? every advice is very helpful..thank's lot.
  • Hello, Emmanuele.

    I guess that the implementation of the SBGC32 protocol is incomplete in the Ardupilot. That causes problems with the gimbal control that you mentioned. Try to switch to the Mavlink protocol and configure it in the SBGC32 controller.
    But another problem with the MavLink will be that the Ardupilot has not much parameters to configure its "follow frame" mode. To solve this, in the next 2.66b5 SBGC32 firmware it will be add a new option to disable DO_MOUNT_CONTROL for the YAW axis and keep it in native "follow YAW" mode. It can be switched On/Off by profiles: when you need the "follow YAW", use native mode. When you need POI mode, send a command to a gimbal to switch to different profile where Mavlink control for YAW is enabled.

    Also Mavlink connection provides the heading angle synchronisation and correction of linear accelerations to keep the horizon perfect.

  • Hi Aleksey, thank's a lot for the answer...

    i will looking forward the next 2.66b5 SBGC32... (hoping it is compatible with ARRISCM3000...
    not a few problems with updated firmware2.63b0 settings).

    about my iusse i need to specify that SBGC32 seem just to filter the yaw information of the FC YAW IMU. Indipendently to DO_MOUNT_CONTROLL I get wrong yaw position just when i fisically plug the wiring in the telemetry2 port of FC.

    could MAV_CTRL_MODE in basecam GUI help me about this problem?

    thank's a lot,
  • Hello,
    I connect Mavlink Control with gimbal.
    AHRS-OK,GPS-OK,RC-OK,but Control is no.
    Firmware is 2.68.b6.
    what should i do?
  • Hello dear aleksy @alexmos
    Hope to be good

    Is there any way to send the command to gimbal through mission planner without the presence of any auto pilot?

    Thanks for helping see
  • Hello dear aleksy @alexmos
    Hope to be good

    Is there any way to send the command to gimbal through mission planner without the presence of any auto pilot?

    Thanks for helping
  • Hello,
    I can't answer this question because don't know how mission planner routes messages and can it work w/out autopilot at all.
  • @alexmos
    dear aleksi

    thank you for the reply

    mission planner can make mavlink massages exactly the same as what pixhawk use

    so when we are able to stablish a connection between alexmos and pixhawk then there should be some solution to do it with mission planner (while there is no pixhawk)

    so any help or any clue to persue?