Connection to DJI !
  • How to connect DJI NAZA or A2 ? I read the manual but couldn't find anywhere about DJI connections.

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  • What do you want to connect?

    DJI does not provide really any support other for than their own stuff. Their DBUS at least used to be exactly same as Futaba SBUS, so maybe you could use that.

    I would just use a separate SBUS receiver for the BaseCam board. You can pair it with the same Transmitter than you use to control the multicopter. (assuming you have non DJI SBUS transmitter)
  • There's not alot you can do as far as connecting a DJI Flight controller to a Basecam Gimbal. DJI systems are only really compatible with other DJI components as Garug said. There are a few tweaks and work-arounds that give some functionality but it's not much.

    With either the DJI NAZA or the A2 system you can run PWM Servo Signals from the F1 and F2 outputs (NAZA) or F2/F2 outputs (A2) to the FC_Roll and FC_Pitch inputs on the BCG Boards. This can then be set up in the Gimbal software to help attain better tuning while in-flight.

    In the NAZA system you could set up the F2 output to control the RC_Pitch on the gimbal.
    This would be good if you're using a PPM or S/D-BUS type receiver to run your flight controller and you can custom-map your channels. Otherwise, you'll have to run individual servo wires from the proper receiver channels to the proper inputs on the NAZA

    What you would do is:
    1. Set up a Knob or Slider channel on your transmitter to the X1 input the NAZA.
    2. Calibrate the X1 Channel in the NAZA Assistant Software
    3. Turn the Gimbal Swith in the NAZA Assistant Software to ON
    4. Run a servo cable from the NAZA F2 output to the Gimbal's RC_Pitch Input pins
    5. Assign the RC_Pitch Input to PWM or Analog on the RC Tab in the BCG Gui
    6. Either set the RC Control to Angle Mode or Speed Mode depending on how you want your controls to work.

    That should have you up and running.

    The A2 System is kinda similar except you can route different channels to different outputs within the A2 Assistant Software but ONLY if you're using a PPM or S/D-BUS receiver. What channels are available will also depend on what accessories you might be running. For example, if you run retractable landing gear thru the A2 unit and want to use the A2's failsafe options, you can ONLY run the landing gear on the F1 output channel on the A2.

    A work-around for both systems is to run the Gimbal controls you want directly off of your Receiver. The BCG Boards are capable of reading PWM (analog) and PPM or S/D-BUS (digital) signals. So you can run the channels you want to your Flight Controller and program any remaining channels directly to your Gimbal without having to go thru the Flight Controller.
  • Its a pitty really, i got the LB2 & was hoping i can actually control the gimbal using the DJI remote itself instead of using a futaba.

    All i wanted was live HD video & no one does it better than DJI with their LB products, i was messing around yesterday trying to figure this out but with no luck.

    I might visit this make another attempt at it later but for now i went & ordered the Connex HD but that means i need to use my Futaba remote.

    Thank you for your help, lets hope someone can find a way around this.
  • Naser404
    Did you get it to work?