• I've started this thread to bring attention to the developers about a major update/bug that needs addressed in the SimpleBGC 32bit app.

    Many people have reported that the Android version of the app cannot connect to a gimbal running 2.60b4 and reports:

    "GUI vs. board version mismatch. Firmware version: 2.60 b4, GUI version 2.50 b0. You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware."

    As the app hasn't been updated since May 27, 2015, this thread will serve as a central location for anyone having an issue, in hopes to push for an update/fix.

    We all understand that the developers have a lot on their plates and we appreciate the work they have done to make these systems work and keep progressing the features and abilities of these systems.
  • I've encountered the same issue, and I know 2 other people on a Facebook group for the gimbal I use who also have this problem.

    There's no doubt at all that the app simply doesn't work with the current firmware, and needs to be updated.
  • I have the same problem, I hope it will be resolved
  • Me too. Please update the app to be compatible with latest firmware.. or update firmware to be compatible with old app..
  • hey, i have the same problem, please update the app, thank
  • please update the app!!!
  • HELP ERROR "GUI vs. board version mismatch. Firmware version: 2.60 b4, GUI version 2.50 b0. You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware."
  • Please update the urgent App !!
  • At your own risk!
    Unofficial SimpleBGC Mobile for Ver 2.60


    I am not good at English.
  • I could complete a job because I couldn't simply change a few settings in my gimbals.
    This is not aceptable in a equipment that is meant to professional usage.
    The AP should be updated at the same time has the firmware or at least we should be given a warning on updating the board that it will only be configurable with a computer!
    This is not opensource...
  • Thanks for all he comments and keeping this post alive! Hopefully it'll get the app some well-deserved attention from the Dev Team.

    On a side-note, another big I found is that the app auto-starts whenever my phone reboots and continually asks for default USB and Bluetooth permission.

    Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • Same here. Surprised and dissapointed it's not updated yet ...
  • i got the same error message
    plus i have a new smartphone with Android 64 bit version and in that device i can't install the app
    i get an error message directly from Google play..it says that the app is not compatible wit my device

    please fix these things guys!!
  • O need this update !!! On my workflow is impossible use PC to setup =\
  • Just found out that the regular SimpleBGC app won't work over my USB/OTG cable anymore... geeze... that's going on?
  • any news on the app update?
  • Any update yet?!
    Is the IOS version updated and working with the current firmware?
  • Has anyone tried the unofficial version posted by hachikazuya? Is it safe for download?
  • Since the recent software updates, could not be controlled with the phone. Are there any versions that are being tested? Are they going to make it work, or do we have to think that it will not be able to be used anymore?
    Thanks for any specific answer
  • Literally just bought and installed a bluetooth module so that I could adjust with my phone because my board is in a case, and then found out the fun way that I can't........

    Any updates?
  • The unoficial App from hachikazuya look ok but I cant control the Gimbal. I can just change the settings.
    Need an update for sure.
  • I have a Nebula 5100 Slant.
    Please, update the app for android !!!!
  • Guys frome SimpleBCG/ ALex. Please take care of your costumers and stay up to date with your developement. Competition like DJI/ CRANE/ FIYU ... will overtake you if you dont listen to your community! would be a shame as i love ur board...but this ancient app (2015!) is not accaptable compared to competitors solutions!
  • Is Basecam Electronics even listening? The mobile app is not even publicised anymore, they just point you to a PC app... The world is going mobile and thou expect everyone to have time to sit behind a desktop, notebook, netbook, etc. With that complicated GUI & UX? Oh heck NO!
  • Any update on the app working with the newest software? Are there any other companies that have a working app.
    Yuri this is super important! I have been a supporter of Basecam since the beginning, but there are other companies starting to replicate this and produce apps. We need to stay ahead of the competition.
  • There's a beta that was updated Feb 18- search Google playstore for simplebgc unreleased. It works most of the time. I can't find autotune for pids in it but map that to a menu button.
  • One of the big problems is that the DIY community is much smaller. The variety of DIY parts is much slimmer. My tablet has been working with 2_59, but I just went to 2_63 moments ago. Haven't tried, but I've been using my laptop with bluetooth mostly anyway just because the app has more settings available.
  • Did anyone manage to connect the new Android Beta/Unreleased to gimabal?

    I get Can't configure serial port parameters automatically

  • I am using the unofficial App for v2.60 with a beholder running on Firmware v2.68.
    The app works fine. However yaw and pitch controls are swapped in the control screen. Is there any chance this could be fixed or made selectable? Are the app sources available anywhere? I could then probably fix it myself. Thanks so much!
  • I would love to see the updated android app for the latest firmware