Profile reset after CMD_WRITE_PARAMS_3
  • Hello,

    I tried to change the PID values using CMD_WRITE_PARAMS_3 command.

    I read the values using CMD_READ_PARAMS_3 and changed only the PID values and wrote it back to the controller using CMD_WRITE_PARAMS_3, hence it should be automatically saved in the EEPROM as well.

    The Gimbal switched off and on, however the profile is reset and the power values reset to 0, which result in motor not working.

    The serial communication is not working as well, What ever I send, the response I am getting is "32 xx aa bb cc dd " the numbers following 32 changes if I send different commands.

    Can someone please let me know what might I be be doing wrong.

    Thank You,
  • Did you solve this?