Good results when capturing video and remote control of ZOOM and Start / Stop REC
  • Greetings from Bulgaria.
    This is the best video I have done. I use BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit.
    The picture is smooth and no macaroni and spaghetti.
    At full optical zoom (X27) has small vibration
    Drone is DJI - S900 - modified. Battery is 22000 mAh. Gimbal is carbon - my development. Motors of Gimbal - DYS BGM4114-100.
    Camcorder Sony - HDR-CX220 + LANC control. Camera has a separate remote control. Gimbal controller is not connected to the flight controller A2.
    To achieve these results I've done over 250 fields for setting Gimbal.
    http://91263.bg//editor/ufo/files/00016.MTS ( Part 1 - 2.2GB ) Original File
    http://91263.bg//editor/ufo/files/00017MTS ( Part 2 - 867.6 MB ) Original File
    Original video has 50 frames per second.
    If anyone is interested, can be downloaded from the link.
    There is definitely a difference between the original and what you watch on Youtube.

  • The biggest distance from which the bikers are photographed is about 600 meters.