did I burn it ?
  • Hello.
    I made a mistake and I have connected RC roll and FC roll to my "radiolink" receiver to "minus" (gnd) port instead of "signal" port.. after that I tried to power it on 4s battery and nothing happened. Is it possible I have burned it out ?
    I have unplug everything.. so I have just a board on my desk and even after plugging usb cable I dont see and LED blinking.. just no reaction..
    How can I fix it ? Is it possible ?
  • Your connection description is not clear. Anyway, if just connecting to USB does not power it and you can not connect to it via GUI, likely something broken, maybe only 5 V regulator, maybe more.
  • no power when connecting usb or battery to it. which one is a 5v regulator ? any way to repleace it or its too small to solder by myself ?
  • Yes, if you have to ask, and first you should trouble shoot to isolate that the problem is the regulator.
  • Hi, i have a similar problem. When connected to USB it works but when connected to battery it does not turn on. I have a 32-bit Extended board with encoders. Please let me know if there is a way to check via the debug tab in the windows program. Thanks!
  • Hello,
    If LEDs do not light up on powering on, it can have 3 reasons:

    1. 5V regulator is burned. In this case, connecting USB cable will make it working. Solution: Replace regulator and check further.
    2. 3.3V regulator is burned. In this case, it will present +5V but no +3.3V on the corresponding port of the board. Solution: replace regulator and check further.
    3. MCU died. In this case, +5V and +3.3V should present on corresponsing ports. solution: replace the MCU and flash the "recovery" firmware as described in the User Manual.