What is the best engine to use encoders?
  • Lately I'm using the encoders in my new gimbals. I am using the most powerful search Motors like GBM8108-90T and GB110.
    But let me know what kind of engine can be used with magnetic encoders to have top pair.
    I have heard that these engines are not good.
    Appreciate their experiences.
  • The best engine mis depends of your application. How big camera, how big gimbal, also what voltage are you using.

    Most boards have max 24V and 1.5A , U=R*I => R=U/I = 24/1.5= 16 ohm. so to maximise the power your voltage should be 24 V and motor resistance 16 ohms. (depending of your board)

    Note, most boards do not take 6S, the voltage must not exceed 24V.

    Mechanical aspects are important too. In general the available motors are really poor, especially on mechanical aspects... and they are not great on smoothes. choose lower pole count for smooth operation, higher pole count for absolute strongest gimbal.

  • Thanks Garug,
    I am using 32-bit Basecam iFlight 100% original.
    I also see that the motor GBM 8108 reach 15.2 ohms, but I have to get to 24 volts.

    Affect the motor warm, albeit with encoders operating at very low temperature when at rest, but I want to know how to react when they are in constant motion.

    See You.

  • With encoders they will run totally cool on normal operation, constant motion is no problem, only if the motor movement is blocked, they will get warm quick. there is a temperature model prevent this happening. (but you need to set it up)