YAW brushless that heats
  • Hello,
    I built a guimbal handbag for my Garmin Virb and for more cleanliness at the wire level I shortened the brushless cables to connect to the Alexmos 32 bit V3.0 map. that of the YAW measures approx 10 cm, think that the length of the cable plays on the rise in heat from the engine?
    the YAW motor parameters are:
    P: 35
    I: 0.15
    D: 38
    engine power: 135
    engine RC TIMER GBM 2804 100T

    the YAW brushless heats much more than ROLL and PITCH.

  • The cable length will not affect the motor warming. Are the Pitch and Roll motor the same type as Yaw?

    If the Yaw motor gets too warm you need to lower the Yaw motor Power setting.
  • Yes, Garug ROLL and Pitch are the same.
  • Yes, but is Yaw the same as they are, see updates on above message.