• What is the difference between these modes? There is some explanation in the Serial Protocol Specification (v2.5), but it still isn't clear to me (even after viewing Fig. 1 in that document). Both commands accept a desired angle and speed as an input, so it seems like they should both move to the specified angle at the specified speed. I have also looked at the examples in SerialControl.ino, and it seems like it should also be possible to use MODE_ANGLE in Demo 4 where MODE_SPEED_ANGLE is used.
  • There is a great difference between them on previous FW, on latest beta maybe not so big, but have not tested it much yet.

    In short MODE_ANGLE moves with Speed set on RC Speed to the given angle. this causes high accelerations (that can be controlled with Acceleration limit and outer P and RC Speed.)

    MODE_SPEED_ANGLE moves with given speed to the given angle, and if the Speed and angle are controlled accurately, there is no sudden high accelerations (unless given by Angle and Speed). The movement is smoother and precise if controlled smooth and precisely.
  • Thanks for the reply. In the MODE_ANGLE command you specify both a speed and an angle, are you saying that the speed you specify is ignored and it instead sets its speed based on the RC input? I am not using the RC input, and from what I see the speed that is specified in the MODE_ANGLE command does influence the speed that it uses to seek the new angle.

    The case that I am talking about is for a single call of each command, not multiple calls as you seem to imply in your description of MODE_SPEED_ANGLE. For example, the gimbal IMU is at 0 degrees, and I send one call either to MODE_ANGLE or to MODE_SPEED_ANGLE and in both cases specify an angle of 45 degrees and a speed of 15 degrees per second.
  • You must ramp up the speed and decelerate when stoping. you must control the speed and angle in MODE_SPEED_ANGLE, real time, about 50 times per second.

    In MODE_ANGLE you can set the RC speed in GUI.
  • If you sent a new MODE_ANGLE command 50 times per second (every 20ms) would it behave the same way as MODE_SPEED_ANGLE, or would there still be a difference between them?
  • There is difference between them, but as mentioned on latest beta not so significant.