Getting a solid setup with the Helix Jr. and the A7s
  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to get a Helix Jr. in good shape and I am running into some issues. I feel like is a moment where it is better to show instead of trying to describe it. If you have a second I would appreciate it if you could take a peek at some test footage.


    I feel like it’s super bumpy when I walk with it and it’s really wobbly when I finish a move. I’ve balanced it out according to the Letus tutorial on Vimeo. There is also a Small HD 501 monitor on top of the camera. I did an auto calibrate of the PID settings and then tweaked it a little bit.

    Am I getting these issues because I am still figure out how to operate it? Any other ideas? Thank you!
  • Hi Michael,

    The behavior you describe is probably an issue of optimizing the PID settings for your setup. You can contact Letus technical support at letus.cs on Skype or letus.cs (@gmail.com) via e-mail for help in fine-tuning your settings.