Roll Axis shaking when tilting front and back - Handheld Gimbal
  • Hello Forum,

    i´m new to brushless gimbals, but have read a lot about tuning and balancing and so on. I have a Gimbal from famous hobby (BG001-pro) 32bit Alexmos with two IMU and with three GBM 6208H-150t motors. I´m using a GH2 camera.

    First i have balanced the Gimbal pretty good. The camera holds its position in every angle.

    When it comes to PID tuning i think i understand how it works. When i´m tilting my gimbal front and back, for maybe 30-40°, the roll axis starts to shake und loosing its position. Same promblem on auto tune PID like manually tuning. This problems comes with every PID settings.

    Now i have following settings:

    Roll 50/0.08/50 200
    Pitch 12/0.7/30 180
    Yaw 30/0.1/60 200

    And another problem: When i calibrating the IMU , the camera wont like to hold up the exact horizon and pitch. Do i have problems with the board?

    Its frustrating me. I´m doing this now for 5 days without any success. IT would be very nice to get some help please.

    Thanks a lot!
  • What FW version is that, is that with frame IMU?

    Make sure that RC settings on GUI has been set Notting connected. and Initial angles are 0.

  • Hello Garug,

    I have two IMUs. one below the camera and one below yaw. The IMU below Yaw has two connections, one connencted with the camera IMU and the other one with the board. right?

    RC settings are "no input" FC_roll and FC_pitch are on FC_Roll-PWM and FC_pitch-PWM. Initial angles are 0.
    what do you mean with FW version?

    changed everything but the problem is still there.
  • FW =Firmware. the versions is visible on the GUI front page. GUI=graphical user interface, the software that runs on your computer.

    I would suggest saving profiles and EEPROM, Erasing EEPROM (this will destroy all the settings, but if needed they can be loaded back from the previously saved ones.), updating FW and seeing everything carefully from the start. The Basic setup is most important to be performed correctly.
  • Firmware haha, sorry for my stupidness. I have the latest 2.50 b3 GUI and Firmware installed. Ok i will erase everything and start from 0. I Will see and report!

  • Hey Garug,

    ive erased EEPROM and started from zero. AND it helped!! No shaking in shown angles anymore. Now i have to adjust the PID more precise. Thank you very much for the advice!
  • Hey,
    can anyone tell me how I can erase the EEPROM and is saving EEPROM the same as saving profiles?

  • You need firmware and GUI that supports sawing EEPROM (new 32 bit). EEPROM includes everything, also calibration etc.