360 Degree On Pitch Axis - How would you build it?
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently trying to fit a bgc tiny into a selfmade gimbal that keeps level on the roll axis. The problem I'm currently facing is that I need to fit the camera imu somehow on the gimbal, but I want that my gimbal can keep roll on every angle (even 720° and more). Now the camera imu chip is connected with a cable, naturally, since most gimbals have angle restraints. I was thinking in how I could manage it to prevent the cable to become entangled. I thought about slip rings, but how could I fit them with my motors (I was already thinking about making my own DIY sliprings, but surely the results will be horrible)? Does anybody have some experience with this? Does anyone have other more innovative ideas than slip rings? Thanks to anybody who can help.

  • The first questions would be why, what is the need to have even 360 Pitch? If that is needed, a cable can do easily +-360 degrees. just needs some design on the cable routing.

    If pitch axis is supported from both sides, the slip ring or cable can go also trough the support bearing.
  • I actually messed up the names for pitch/roll/yaw. What I want to realise is a 360+ degree roll axis. that concludes that a support from the other side is not possible since there will be the camera lens.
  • Yaw 360+ I understand, what is the need for roll 360+?

    If you put everything, including battery under yaw, there is no need to put anything trough yaw. If someting needs to be but trough yaw, and free rotation, then slip ring is solution.
  • I used slip ring in the axis roll and yaw for 360 free rotation and work fine