Pitch-Camera face down
  • Hi,
    I am using simple BGC32 controller and follow procedure fist time calibrating just Pitch axis enabled and after automatics PID tuning noticed that camera looking face-down. Camera IMU orientation is -Z, Y and Frame IMu Y ,X. Camera is stabilized with Pich Axis but looking in ground. Camera IMU is located below camera -Z, Y orientation.
    I am checked again IMU orientation wizard but looks fine for me...
    Please, any idea what to check? I would be very grateful

  • What is the problem?

    During basic setup, before PID tuning, the IMUs must be well installed and the orientation told on GUI. After that, no need to touch them, or be concerned with them, except performing the IMU calibration.
  • Thanks for reply
    During basic setup I installed camera IMu below gopro using GUI (3 way wizard) -Z,Y and Pitch instrument in GUI show correct orientation. The problem is because gopro after PID tuning looking in ground not in front of view.

  • Have you verified RC settings.
  • Yes, I am..
    Initial angle 0 for all 3 axis
  • And have you something connected to RC.

    PID tuning does not change the angle, something else does.
  • Rc is not connected..
    Will try again repeat all procedure, I am little confuse what happen.
    For my point of view if chip sensor is upside down and label looking -Z axes and right Y what move camera for 45 degree down of course RC not used.. no ideas any more!
  • After you have set up the IMUs and calibrated them, turn the motors off from GUI and move the gimbal/camera with hand. Do the indicators on right move logically? if not, something is wrong.
  • Thanks friend,
    I'll try later, I hope to be much clearer

  • Hi,
    Problem solved. In RC Tab RC Input Mapping ==>RC_ Pitch selected ==> ADC1 analog and change value to NO input solved the problem.


  • Yes that would do it. It is always good to select no input if there is no input. I actually think it would be better to have default as no input on all RC.
  • Yes, I agree with you