Frame IMU placement / dampening
  • Google did not turn up with any information on that topic, even though it seems to be an obvious question to ask.
    Consider a 3-Axis gimbal mounted to a hexacopter, where exactly would I put my frame IMU, on the copter frame, the disc that is attached to it (almost the same as copter frame) or to the disc with the yaw motor which is damped. The first two choice would entail some sensor-lag in relation to the camera, while the latter would have a lag in relation to the frame.
    My uneducated guess is to go for the damped disc as the relation to the camera is what we are after here. Right??

    Any suggestions, pointers are welcome!
  • I would put it below yaw. If you put it above yaw, put it next to yaw motors, no dampers in between, but does no harm to try different settings, maybe you find something new.
  • I have mine on top of the swiveling arm of the gimbal yaw axis just bellow and next to the yaw motor. Look forward to hear your findings.