Angle Mode Center Point Offset
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a Arris CM3000Pro 3-Axis brushless gimbal. I'm in the beginning stages of tuning. I have Profile2 setup for Angle Mode, and I have all three channels setup on my Taranis radio. The issue I am having is, how can I adjust what my pitch center is? My Min.Angle is -30, and my Max.Angle is 90. It's automatically centering it self at about 30, which is not straight forward.

    Oddly enough, Yaw never really re-centers itself after being moved either, but that could be an entirely different issue.

    RC Tab Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/XgEIyBB.jpg

    PWM settings seem odd to me, but those are the manufactures settings, and they seem to function fine with my radio. I haven't looked into connect my flight controller to the gimbal yet, but I'm not sure if I really need to.

    Profile1 is setup for Speed Mode, and Follow Yaw.

    Gyro, both Acc. have been (simple) calibrated.

  • Alright, so I set my Min.Angle to -90, and kept Max.Angle at 90. So now it's centering at 0. Although pitching up that much is not necessary, at least it centers the camera forward.

    Now I just I just have to figure out everything else....
  • Unrelated, but I realize now why PWM settings are the way they are. I was looking at pin-outs of the SimpleBGC 32-bit board, and noticed there is no pin allocated for CMD function. So you have use one of the RC or FC PWM pins. Now why Arris decided to use RC-YAW for CMD is beyond me (Instead of leaving that for that actually remote control YAW function).

    Besides ensuring that my PIDs are where they should be, my last hurdle I believe will be figuring out whether or not I have a Yaw drift issue. It occasionally happens, but not consistently.

    Oh I guess I should also consider whether, or not I should connect my flight controller to the gimbal. I guess I would lose one of the other four RC functions though. Is it worth connecting flight controller, especially on a on a two-IMU setup?