Connecting the 2nd IMU sensor
  • Hi all, I am still quite new to using the Alexmos board as I dont have much time trying to figure out all the tiny details. I have hooked up the 2nd imu sensor. So from the camera a sensor, the input would then go to the 2nd IMU sensor then into the board? Thats how I hooked it up. Im not sure if its correct or wrong. Everytime I power it on, I would get like thousands of i2c errors. I dont have a yaw axis on my current gimbal. Its just right above the roll axis. It would be great if you guys could explain everything in non technical terms as I would understand it better.

    I am using GUI v2.50 b3

    Thanks in advance
  • Building gimbals there is no shortcuts and there is many details, it is much necessary to read the users manual.

    I would not route the frame IMU via Camera IMU, better do it other way around or use splitter near board. Keep the IMU vires short and separated from other cables, that helps avoiding I2C errors, you should get completely rid of them, or they will cause problems. You could try using ferrite rings if nothing else helps.

    Remember that frame IMU must have different address than camera IMU.

    I am not sure if frame IMU is usable on two axis setup, and even if it would be if it provides any advantage. Why would you want to use second IMU on two axis setup?