Roll vibrate whatever pid i choose...
  • Hey, so i managed to tune pich in my 2 axis gimbal, but roll isnt giving up. It shakes and vibrates, those shakes getting low, when i pick lower pid, but still vibrates and doesnt catch right angles on motion... What could it be? Please help, maybe I should change some other settings, not PID?
  • Ensure that basic setup is correctly performed.
  • what is basic setup? I tried changing pids, motor Power, invertions, nothing helps... Pitch Works perfectly. but roll keeps vibrating, maybe its control board? Maybe it is not working right?
  • User manual helps, you really need to read it.

    Including mechanical setup and balancing.

    Sometimes if nothing else helps, it is necessary to erase EEPROM and set everything again, but my guess at this time is that this is not your problem.
  • I have read more than the user manual. Just searching for a person, that dealt with such a problem. Is it possible, that there are some special settings that might cause that vibrate or it is definetely control board fault..?
  • It could be many reasons, likely not control board.

    More likely mechanical build or basic setup.

    Pictures of the gimbal could help
  • Here are the pictures of my gimbal. Its for go pro
  • http://postimg.org/image/vb4u9xa99/
    And this is my simplebgc parameters :)
  • Is there vibration dampening? it is not visible on picture. It will need some kind of vibration dampening. (but that does not affect the operation when tested on ground, without motors running.

    The IMU attachment looks too soft, use thinner two sided tape. Other than that the gimbal looks ok.

    But make sure that motors are spinning freely, no binding, no free play on motors, and that the gimbal is well balanced when tuning and testing. Failure on these will have negative impact to performance.

    Your PID values are low. Try to get P higher. Set I first to 0.1, raise P and sed D as needed, try to get as high P as possible (and D what ever it needs to be). After this is done try to raise 'I'. At this point you could lower P (and D) if needed, test what provides good result

    I do not remember if 2.40b7 has estimate angles from motors, if it has (follow tab) you could try activating that. It would be useful to see print screens of all GUI screens.

    Make sure Basic setup is carefully performed. Especially Motor auto to set the inverted status, IMU calibration and orientation (make sure -X is correct, I do not know that IMU so I can not tell) etc...

    As you are not skiping calibibration at startup, make sure tat the gimbal is completely stationary until the gimbal motors get power. (or the calibration will fail and all kind of issues because of that)

  • What have you connected to FC_PITCH? what ever it is disconnect and get the gimbal working first and then try more advanced stuff. Also disconnect Pitch (set all RC to no input) when the gimbal is working, then connect what is needed.

    No reason to put ACC to button press. perform it carefully during setup and after leave it to be. If you do not perform ACC calibration correctly it will not work.

    Perform follow offset auto.

    Other than that I see nothing special (than the low PID)

    I would erase EEPROM and set everything carefully up again according the users manual.