Jittering Roll motor
  • I have made my very own diy 2 axis gimbal, I learnt how to program it and it worked both pitch and roll. Then I started to have I2C errors but then again, i had fixed those. But over the course of the few months that I have had my gimbal, Ive programmed it back and fourth but saved the original profile. Now for some reason my roll motor jitters a little when i turn it on and it jitters whenever for the rest of the time that its on. Also when I go to select AD2 for my joystick and write it, my pitch motor just starts to spin on me.
  • You must calibrate the joystick.

    Maybe the motor has developed free play.
  • Is there anyway to fix the jitteriness?
  • Retuning can help, but probably it is mechanical problem, and on that case it is better to fix the mechanical problem first and retune then.
  • I swapped it out for another motor. Still the same problem
  • Feel with hand if there is any free play or binding anywhere. That needs to be removed.

    And then retune.

    Make sure also of camera and IMU attachment, that they are solid.
  • what is binding, does it have something to do with the magnets within the motor? Would I then have to take apart the motors?
  • binding, I mean not moving freely, could be bearings, wires, dirt inside motor...

    Also make sure the gimbal is well balanced.
  • Gimbal is well balance. I just swapped it out for a brand new motor. Brand new motor as in a motor that hasnt even been opened out the package. It still tilts a tad on its own now but not as much with a longer interval