Help me!!!!!!
  • OK So I have a Came 7800
    I have updated the firmware and the machine has gone mad!
    All I want to do is get some of the new PID setting on it... and for it to work.
    Please can someone give me some advice....
  • Have you saved the profiles when it was working? try loading them.

    Could also be just IMU that needs calibration.

    On worst case you need to read the users manual and perform the complete setting.
  • I didnt save them Garug
    I have no idea what im doing to be honest... Just an old cameraman!
  • It is new technology, but not much more complicated that the menus of new cameras. Updated Metabones Speedbooster last night, now it supports focusing with EF lenses on GH4. Now trying GH4 focusing at the first time, and have no idea what is doing, I would just want centre point focus at half press (mostly for photos, but could be useful for setting the focus for video...) Anyway I was going trough the menus last night, and could not figure it out. I suppose I need to read the user's manual today.

    You could try the get the files/settings from seller or someone, but they are somewhat firmware specific...

    The users manual is now days quite ok http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf

    Just follow it carefully, to do the complete setup, and it should be ok. You will anyway need to learn how to balance the gimbal and tune PID when changing camera/lens.
  • Have you got control of your gear so it works as it should?
    My rig CAME-TV 7800 was tilting from the beginning, and after an update of the firmware to fix it it gone bananas.

    I have tried every youtube instruction I can find and read instruction but still it swings like crazy.

    For those with this problem (seems to be many in this situation) I don't find any comment as "Yes, I managed to fix it"...

    Has anybody that got this problem actually solved it?