A password not to touch the important settings.
  • I am supplying Gimbals in Argentina, I sold several systems with great success. The most common problem I find in several, is accidentally touching the PID settings, or other important value for system operation. This occurs because inadvertently touch from the cell phone or the PC, the automatic settings mode PID.
    - Inadvertently touch the button "AUTO" and began to move gimbal making a noise like a bomb !! .. then disconnect ... (several customers told me that)

    That is why it would be helpful to put a pasword in the most important parameters of the program, so that no accidental touch.

    It is possible to do this in the new versions?

    thank you very much
  • I was thinking so too long time ago, but what values should e password protected? customer should be able to PID tune when changing lens etc.

    I hope though the GUI would be reorganised, now many things are scattered to many different tabs.

    What would be really cool is if one could load gimbal specific factory defaults. That way pressing the button 10 times would always return the gimbal to original working state. (not to board factory reset as it does now)

    Today it is possible to save the EEPROM, and loading that EEPROM returns the gimbal to original state. The EEPROM is though gimbal specific (IMU calibration at least is).
  • I think we should separate what would be a technical support that can calibrate the system, on the other hand we have the customer. Not necessarily the client must know how to configure the system. I sell my products in Argentina are very good and once you calibrate the system, works in the range of cameras what allows the engines. So, once you calibrate only be able to configure the system the person who really knows.
    Just put a password on the main setings as the tab "BASIC", "AVANCED" and "SERVICE"
    The rest would leave him well.