CMD_CONTROL for Pitch angle only
  • Hello,

    We are using potentiometer in FPV Follow mode (centering Yaw). This works great, but when we send CMD_CONTROL to set Pitch angle, Yaw is being reset to 0 and doesn't listen to potentiometer input anymore. My understanding is that SBGC_CONTROL_MODE_ANGLE sets angle mode for all axes.

    This would be really easy to overcome if Serial API allowed CMD_CONTROL for each axis separately.

    Second way is to use Encoders, but we can't install them on every axis and there is no option for Yaw only.

    Is there a solution we are currently missing?
  • Is there something we can do?
  • Encoders need to be installed on all axis with encoder FW*, or you need an encoder that can be connected as joystick, then it can be connected as potentiometer. I hope one day we will get yaw encoder support also to normal FW.

    I have not been using serial API for long time, but sounds strange "CMD_CONTROL to set Pitch angle, Yaw is being reset to 0 " I have used Serial API for connecting a joystick, and there was no problems like that.

    *encoder FW controls motors differently, the motor control needs the encoder.
  • Hi, ionoy.

    I understand that your request is important, I will extend CMD_CONTROL to let to specify control mode for each axes separately, in next 2.55b5 release.
  • Garug: the problem is that now, when switching to control from Serial API, all other types of controls (Follow mode, RC) disabled for all axes.
  • Hi, alexmos,

    Thank you!

    Do you have an estimate on when 2.55b5 will be available for public?
  • Hi,

    We are new to using the serial API for the basecam board. We are using an HD Air Infinity 360 Gimbal with encoded motors, it uses the latest alexmos control board. We need to programmatically change the angles of the yaw and pitch using the API. For example, we want to change the yaw angle to 30.2 degrees and the pitch to 86.5 degrees. How do we accomplish this via the published basecam API? Did the HD Air 360 Gimbal license the firmware for encoded motors?
  • Does the HD Air specifically implement CMD_CONTROL for different axis or not? And I'd like to confirm that using CMD_CONTROL employs those encoded motors to hold the position even if it moved by user and or gimbal started in moved position?