Eachine 2D gimbal hs gone inverted
  • Hi Guys I have a Eachine 2D gimbal , I fitted to a Phantom 1 I used link wire to go from pins one of the board to the pitch axis of the Naza M , when I first power it up
    all looked good but could not get camera to change pitch with transmitter , the next time I powered up the gimbal had the camera pitched up by about 5 degs , so I unplugged the battery and plugged back in OMG the gimbal then inverted so the camera is upside down , I did a factory reset no change did a back to defaults setting on the gimbal controller , No change the gimbal still has camera upside down , it all works but the plitch arm is the wrong way up ,
    Can I plug the gimbal motors direct to the Naza M and not use the gimbal board
    If not how do I get this to work right , I am fed up I just paid out for a new camera I cant use as the gimbal is not right
  • Hi guys I sorted the inverted
  • what did you do to fix it?