Patents and Licensing
  • So I had a great idea to build gimbals and sell then and then I happen to run into this patent...

    Does this preclude anyone from building and selling a steadicam gimbal without his licensing?

    Do you think everyone is licensing this guy or are there just a lot of noncompliance usage of his patent?

  • That is a good question. Even better question is what is actually patented on that patent? I read it, but don't understand what exactly they have patented. Gyro stabilized gimbals have existed long before 2005 they have the priority date.
  • That was my thought, after re-reading the claims several times, it sounds like it is fundamentally describing the "Rotatably coupled 3-Axis" design of a stabilized gimbal. including sensors to calculate angle, very abstract.

    "a first frame rotatably coupled to the base on a first pivot axis, including
    a first actuator disposed to torque the first frame about the first pivot axis responsive to a first motor signal, and a first rotational sensor having a rotation-sensitive sensor axis and producing a first sensor signal representing the rotation of the first frame with respect to the base"

    further down describing the sensor orientations:

    "the rotation-sensitive sensor axis of at least one of the rotational sensor plurality is disposed at a fixed angle with respect to the corresponding one of the pivot axis plurality."

    very detailed, perhaps overly detailed, allowing people to design around the patent?