Trying to Control Gimbal over USB
  • I'm trying to control the gimbal over USB. So far I've had no luck moving it. In an attempt to determine if I'm sending the correct message, I'm trying to get board information (SBGC_CMD_BOARD_INFO). I'm sending " > ", cmd = 86, and data = 1u (which I currently have just =1 since I dont know if its looking for a specific value). I'm getting ">", 86, 104, 10 back. If I'm reading this correctly than the returning data size is 104 and the header checksum doesn't work.

    Any ideas? I'm running this on my computer and have formed the messages based on the arduino code.

    Total Message going out: ">" 86 1 87 1 1
    Message being refurned: ">" 86 104 10 0
  • I am also attempting to control the gimbal with USB and have had no luck. Were you able to solve this problem?
  • Me too, any progress on this? I am trying to access a Mini BGC 1.2 in a DS1 from an arduino through the USB port. There is no serial on the board..