• As a partner to basecam, I am overwhelmed with the boldness of DJI to use their vast resources to edge all competitors out. Ronin-M is priced at 1399usd and killed all ebay gimbals. How will Basecam move forward from now on? I will be interested to know how you all feel and think.
  • All complete Gimbals on the net are from sellers and not direct from BaseCam.
    Basecam makes only a piece of hardware and software to let a Gimbal run.
    This gives the option for most people, to build there own Gimbal rig for a lower price.
    So in this case, BaseCam is still the killer for DIY Gimbals.

    Pro users will and can spent more money to there Gimbal rigs, and will mostly buy a AlmostReadyToRun Gimbal like a Ronin/Ronin-M.
    So yes, for the pro users is the Ronin-M a good price killer.