Best remote for CAME 7800 (SBGC v3.0)
  • Hi!

    I'll be getting my CAME 7800 handheld gimbal soon (http://www.came-tv.com/assembled-32-bit-came7800-3-axis-camera-gimbal-p-582.html), and would like to hook it up with a remote so I can use it on car rigs and such! Problem is I don't know much about gimbals - this will be my first one. So, I come to you!

    The 7800 uses the SBGC v3.0 controller. What would be a good remote to go with this model? And how would I hook it up? I read in a comment on a post about the gimabl at http://www.cheesycam.com that I all I had to do was open up the box hiding the actual controller and "attach the remotes receiver", but it didn't go into any more detail.

    Any and all help will be deeply appreciated! (:

  • It much depends what you want to do. How will you use the gimbal in car installation, will there be more than one operator, do you really need a remote controller or just extended joystick cable, Will you have follow focus etc.

    The remote controllers typically used are not gimbal specific. any RC remote controller with normal PMW output receiver can be used. I assume SBGC v3.0 is 32 bit board?, if so I suggest getting a RC remote controller with SBUS receiver (Futaba). SBUS is easy to connect and provides plenty of channels to control the gimbal, not only pan and tilt, but how fast it pans and tilts, profiles etc. It would be good if the transmitter has sliders and knobs But note, SBUS reburies 32 bit board. There is also less pricey alternatives than Futaba SBUS.
  • @Garug

    Thank you very much for your quick and detailed response!

    Yes, the SBCG v3.0 i s a 32 bit board, so I will look into a controller with a SBUS receiver as you said.

    I will not need the remote to be able to control a follow focus, at least not right now. But I might buy a FF in the future, so it would be nice to be able to have that option. What would that require?

    Lastly - I did not know there was any such thing as a joystick extender cable, but that actually sounds perfect! I don't really need the setup to be wireless, so I will definitely look into that. Thank you very much.
  • I am not sure if anyone is selling joystick extender cables, but you could build one just extending the joystick cable. Be aware though the analog joystick could get some interference (noise) because long cables, so they may need to be protected.

    The follow focus needs depends of the follow focus system. The board has 3 servo type connectors that can be controlled with remote controller.
  • Cool! How would I go about "building" a longer joystick cable? Could I just use any wiring?
  • You could try any cable. If there is noise, then changing to shielded cable, or if you can find use shielded cable directly, The important cables to shield are the cables that go to board analog input. You could use shielded audio cable etc. Connect the shield to ground.