Bluetooth connection 32bit HC06 doesn't connect from GUI
  • Searched for this problem extensively.
    Setup bluetooth module as per manual on V2.43b9 (all good on USB by the way). Computer recognizes BT adaptor, assigns comport, comport set to 115200 etc etc, computer connects to BT unit when I select the comport in the GUI, message says 'connecting to COM xx' but it doesn't make the final connection. The LED on the BT module flashes on off until I select connect in the GUI then it goes steady as I would expect.
    Any ideas or things I have missed?
  • I have the exact same problem. I'm on a mac (OSX 10.10)... Anyone got clues to what this problem might be? I have the latest firmware on the board and usb works fine...
  • Still no solution to this problem. Now really could do with getting this to work. I have tried everything! I don't want to have to get another BT device but may have to I guess!
  • Zeb, could you put here the picture of your controller with connected BT-module?
  • Hi,
    I'm not sure how to post pictures!
  • I bought this bluetooth connector:

    Which says it has the correct baud rate and parity. Pairing works but connecting through SimpleBGC GUI doesn't.... It times out like in added picture:
  • Interesting how your Connection drop down option shows the device. Mine only shows the Com ports. Can anyone advise which is correct?
  • Probably shows differently on Mac and Windows. Verify from BT references what is the controller BT and use that. the BT must be correctly connected, common mistake is connect Tx to Tx, Tx (transmit) must be connected to Rx (Receive)
  • Do you find solution? I have same problem!
  • Mine will only connect one way (4 way connector) or the board will not power on. My PC 'connects' to the BT HC06 module and seems to think it is ok, I then try and connect to the appropriate com port but no result. I will experiment with swapping the tx and rx pins over if I can.
  • And computer and mobile phone see the bluetooth module (HC-06), but do not want to connect to the GUI.
  • Picture of my screen. Status led on BT module light solid red.

    Any idea?
  • Finally, I am find solution! First, connect via USB and change serial port speed to 115200 (was 256000!), add device (Control panel-Bluetooth devices), on Win XP I have two connection: COM8-Outgoing-HC-06 ¨Dev B¨ and COM9-Incoming-HC-06. Select COM8 in GUI and establish connection! Unfortunately, can not connect with mobile phone-"Error: GUI vs board version mismatch. Firmware version: 2.50b2, GUI version: 2.40b8.(!!!??? I am downloaded latest version from download area "2.43b9") You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware (!!!)".
    Waiting for new version of GUI for Android.
  • No matter what I do I can't get this HC-06 to connect. It seems to behave normally and windows 7 thinks it is connected and paired, I go to the com port in the GUI and select 'connect' and it just sits there, the LED on the HC-06 goes steady by no actual connection occurs in the GUI. Driving me nuts. Every other aspect of this gimbal is perfect...
  • Usb connection work?
  • Yep, no problems with USB.
    Bluetooth also works fine on the PC for everything else.
    I will get a new BT HC-06 or similar and try that. I even tried swapping the Rx and Tx pins over. I have 3.3 vdc on the pins and 5v supply so looks normal.
  • Hi guys, did you manage to make it work with mobile GUI? I'm facing same issue you do with HC-06.
    In my case mobile application is stopping while trying to connect to BT device.
  • Someone got a solution yet? It connects but doesn't show any profile information...
  • Same to me! Tried everything on different computers, tablets, mobile phones. No reaction even when it's paired. But in my case the red LED is flashing slowly.

    The slider in SimpleBGC just moves back to the Off-position of "Connect".