Camera angle off and tilt feature not working...
  • Hi All.
    New guy here, recently purchased a "Ready To Fly" quad. (Well... Almost ready to fly, especially for a newb like myself)
    At the advice of the seller, I agreed to purchase their recommended flight simulator to learn how to fly first, before trying the copter.
    After many hours on the simulator, it was time to move on to the real deal...
    I've only flown the copter twice so far and noticed right away, the camera keeps positioning itself off to the left and when I try the Tilt switch (On the radio) to tilt the gimbal up or down, nothing happens. Emails to the company's support have so far gone unanswered, but hey... The Holidays just happened and they might be slammed. So in the meantime, I'm going to see what I can find out on my own...
    At first, I wasn't even aware that software was available to tune the DYS 3 Gimbal, but digging into things led me here, especially after taking one look at the software. (It looks like a very daunting task to me) I'm hoping someone can walk me through hooking the gimbal up to the computer and software to tune the gimbal and get the tilt feature working.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Dean (The Fogcrawler)
  • There is a manual in the download section. I would recommend you reading it to understand how your controller is working. I think your problem is wrong assigned channels in the RC tab.
  • Actually, there was a connection wire they forgot to install for the tilt switch and for the gimbal, we'll never know... I had to buy a new gimbal from them. When I was fuddling through the pid settings, the gimbal sounded off with a low voltage alarm and as I was removing the flight battery from the velcro, it dropped down onto the usb cord and broke off the usb outlet on the control board for the gimbal... A $300 lesson to unplug the usb cord, first next time.