List of Gimbals that Work
  • Because its very common that the structure of gimbals is too weak for proper fuction with a Basecam Controller we could make a list with good working recommend Gimbals.

  • all gimbals work but some work better than others & some are suited for professional use others are for hobby use you get what you pay for!
  • I purchased a DIY-Cinestar-copy brushless gimbal like two years ago with 8-bit SimpleBGC. The most difficult part is achieving a good stabilization when you are so noob because these systems require pretty much knowledge, but with will, time, patience and some things more, you can get a decent stabilization with any gimbal if it's well constructed and if it suits your camera weight and size and your needs.

    I had to rebuild some parts designed by myself using the Internet and my own ideas, and when the balance is perfect, everything is allright on the gimbal and you know how to tune it properly (if you don't have Autotune, like me), the stability gets vastly improved.

    I want to buy a MoVI or something really good and well known to use bigger cameras, but no gimbal is perfect (yet) and they all require the same knowledge, more or less. AND Freefly is expensive, dude. But maybe someday.
  • 8 bit boards are old now 32bit Alexmos are much better results for the time spent tuning year + old.
    I sell the large gimbal heads for film cameras we have XL XXL gimbals for even Arria camera