DYS GoPro (8bit) handheld joystick and follow mode
  • Hello - a relative newbie here but now partially seasoned with a working gimbal. (also submitted to rcgroups).

    I purchased a 3-axis, 8-bit DYS aerial gimbal mount for a GoPro with the idea of using it as a handheld. I followed the GREAT instructions here
    and was up and running within an hour with an IMU stable mount for my GoPro. I will add here that I have an original GoPro Hero that has different balance characteristics in weight and CG than does the Hero3. I quickly machined a new camera mount that seems to work fine. I also wanted to support the frame from the bottom so just entered -X and -Y into the Axis TOP and RIGHT boxes. I have run both BaseCam's v2.3 and 2.4b7 (8-bit ALEXMOS PCBs) with success and have been able to execute YAW-follow and joystick (RC) control of PITCH.

    I wanted to add user control of some things so I also added a 2-axis joystick with button (junk box XBOX controller thumbstick) to the handheld pole. My unit looks similar to the FunnyGo unit. I also wanted more battery life than the commercial GoPro handheld units (they typically use 3x 650maH Lithium batteries). I use 3x 18650 3,400maH cells that weigh a little more but give a LOT more user time.

    I executed due diligence as a newbie and combed the forums (RCGROUPS and this) for answers to my questions before I posted here but couldn't find the solution to these. Here's what I am looking for:

    1. Pitch follow. This is not obvious in the BaseCam's GUI or instructions and I tried most every combination in Follow Mode but nothing worked . I have read about others trying this unsuccessfully. How do I execute a PITCH-Follow Mode that operates similar to the YAW-Follow Mode? Do I need to use a MIX function?

    2. YAW via IMU + Joystick. I want to keep the YAW-Follow Mode operating but in addition, use my joystick in SPEED MODE to YAW about the present YAW angle. How can I implement this? Do I need to use a MIX function?

    Thanks for any help. -mike