local steering commands
  • I don't see it in the api but it must be possible. I want to use the usb port serial link to command the pointing angle. I would rather not have to put an arduino on the digital pins to do this. The controller can obviously control the pointing angle so is there a way for me to do it manually without using the pwm hardware inputs?
  • i just found it (cmd_Control). I can now command an angle (in angle mode). The gimbal spins around 3 times, then goes the other way, then back.. So its way overshooting.. I tried turning up I and P but that didnt seem to fix it. Also turned down the max angle rate (to 30d/s). Anyone have other suggestions?
  • You should take care of the accelerating and braking on arduino in angle mode. There is also other ways to control it, see the serial Api examples.
  • I am trying to send commands without the Arduino as well but, I cannot get the gimbal to move. Did you have to change any settings in the GUI?
  • Arduino or not, but the serial commands need to be send according the specification. If I remember correctly there is a check sum calculation etc. see the exactable on serial API.

    Instead using Serial API it is also possible to generate SUMPPM, SBUS, Spectrum or PWM signal with Arduino, or other processors. Those will need configuration on GUI, Serial API when I used it more than year ago, did not require any GUI configuration, but now this might have changed...
  • have you made sure baud rate, parity etc. and port are correct and correctly connected?
  • Yes. At first I had the baud rate wrong but, still no luck after changing it. I am going to check the parity again just to be sure.
  • I have tried with the parity set to none, even and odd. Still no luck. I should note that I can send the get angles message and read messages from the controller.
  • I fixed this, I used 13 instead of sizeof(c)