In the forum I don't see the solution to my problem
  • Hello guys. Before writing I did some research on the forum but I found many questions and few solutions, so I decided to write you. I also had a look at the manual, but in the manual the solution there isn't.
    Let me explain.
    I bought my new gimbal for sony to put under the multitotor.
    The board has a 3-axis 32-bit but when I got inside there was loaded version SimpleBGC_GUI_2_3b4
    The gimbal after a few accurate settings, went very well.
    Well, then I had the idea to download and upgrade it to the 32-bit version.
    I also downloaded the driver as manula advice, but now the board does not allow me to connect to the port.
    The board has a red and green fix lihgt.
    How do I read the board via connection port?
    I hope in your help and also I hope in solutions.
  • if it is loaded with 2.3b4, then its a 8bit board. not a 32bit board.
    Please buy from the authorised sellers in this section next time.

    Now your 8bit board is bricked with 32bit firmware.
  • All my boards are original Basecam, no clone . I no knew what firmware the seller uploaded on the board. Maybe he mistaked to write, but I bought it as a 32 bit.
    So, now, I understood, it's bricked. There is a solution to repair it? Many thanks in advance.
  • See the recovery process on users manual.
  • On the manual there isn't how to return to 8 bit firmware.
    Now I wrote an email to my seller. Him uncorrect, sent me a 8 bit basecam, instead a 32 bit.
    So I understood what happens. I uploaded on it the new firmware 32 bit and the board is bricked now.
    How I can resolve to return to firmware 8 bit? Tks to all .
  • It should be the sellers problem, he should provide you what he sold you.

    How is it possible to load 32 bit FW to 8bit? For 32 bit one should always use the autoupdate, unless recovery is needed.

    Sorry, I can not help recovering 8 bit, I have never needed to do it.
  • Yes, Garug, you have reason.
    I mistaked to upoload the latest version, but I thought it was with 32-bit version..
    But now, the damage has been done, urgently, I would like to repair this card. is there anyone who can give me a solution? Yeah I know I should send it back to the seller, but to send the package and then receive it (when it returns is held in customs for 20 days), I lose a lot of time. I need to fix now. I do not believe that I can not restore the old firmware 8-bit
  • Solutions? Please.
  • Someone has some solutions or I must to buy another board ? I tried several times, but it's impossible to enter into the board with GUI. I have always a red and green light on.
  • I apologize, but this is al the support give to us. In Basecam, developers can not tell me how to fix it. How do I get back to the original version 8bit and flash it. GUI does not enter inside the board. Sorry , and thanks to all helps me.
  • I have two suggestions.

    1. download and use the 8bit UI (not the 32 bit one) and see if that will load the software onto the board.

    2. Does your board have an FTDI connector? If so you may be able to use AVRDude or XLoader to load the firmware. You can search back in the forum for links to the AVRDude and XLoader software. That is how the firmware was loaded in earlier versions before the GUI did it for you.

    The reason Garug is saying communicate with your seller is they would know the features on your specific board and how to recover it if possible.
  • Hi guys.
    I sent back the board to seller.
    I will wait his news in this week.
    I will say you the solution.
    At the moment , thanks to all.