tuning inverted gimbal?
  • I am setting up an inverted gimbal that is on top of the plane, is there any specific configuration settings that I should set to help the BGC behave properly when it is *inverted*??

    I ask because I am getting YAW oscillations when pitching or rolling the frame over 30-40 degrees it seems like it may be reacting incorrectly.

    any thoughts on inverted gimbal tuning?
  • is this 3 axis, what controller /FW?

    it could be vibration dampening related. the gimbal really care how they are supported. Here is an exactable with 2 axis gimbal

    Using estimate angles from motors could help and verifying that motor inverted, pole count and follow offset correctly set/tuned.

  • thank you for your comment.
    yes it is a 3 axis simple BGC 32bit with latest firmware 2.43b9

    the video you posted is exactly the same behavior that I see...
    is there any way to resolve the YAW/ROLL shaking that happens in the video when pitching the frame at steep angles?
  • would adding a frame IMU help with this problem?
  • Yes, second IMU solves it, instal below yaw. also probably activating estimate angles from motors solve it, at least with older FW it did. This is 8 bit board and works on all positions with estimate angles from motors activated.