After one minute the GUI stops working
  • Update software to version 2.43 b9 and works well for one minute, then stops working and everything is still. Disconnect the USB and reconnect it works for a minute and then got it.
    I have a problem?

    Thank you for your help
  • Hello,

    Do stabilization continiue working, or all is hanging up (board and GUI)? Can you write-read parameters? Try to describe what is working and what it not, more detailed.
  • Needless error report, it only remains frozen after a minute. I close the program and return to inicar, and it works. Then freezes again.
  • What does remains frozen mean in this case? Is USB the only power you provide? Maybe for some reason the board is overloading the USB and the computer cuts the USB power.

    The board should not overload the USB, so something is probably wrong, but that could be also the USB port. have you tried a different USB port?
  • this is happening to me too, but I know that in my case is the frame IMU that have trouble over the I2c cause it only fail the board wen I move the frame IMU, then I have to power up again, the main IMU i can move in any way but wen I move the frame the board freeze and I get a lot of I2c errors
  • I discovered that the problem was changing USB port, thanks
  • I returned to have problems, change the USB port of PC, everything .... try and do the same.
    Cable also changed 3 times and still the problem.

    Any suggestions?
  • if you touch the components on board before or just after the shutdown, is any component feeling hot?

    Be careful touching first (-) not to provide any electrical discharge to the components.
  • I found the solution: For some strange reason was the bluetooth HC6, disconnect and does not freeze over.