Arduino Uno and the Serial API
  • I'm a real beginner here and am trying to use an Arduino Uno to control an 8 bit board. After much fiddling with the Basecam GUI, I was able to get things sorta working. One problem still remains.... when uploading a sketch to the Uno or connecting the Basecam GUI to the board, I must disconnect the TX and RX lines between the two.

    I'm aware of the SoftwareSerial command but do not know how to use it in this instance. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • A Arduino board that supports more than 1 serial ports makes things much easier.
  • Hi Garug

    I found an apparently older version of the example code with minimal library calls. I subbed in the Software Serial function and it appears to work. So uploading Arduino sketches is now easier. But I still have to disconnect the Arduino Tx line to the controller when I connect to the Basecam controller.


  • If your Arduino board has more than 1 serial port, maybe you could connect a BT module to the other and pass this communication trough for GUI or maybe you could connect the GUI even trough Arduino USB port. I have not tried either, but do not see why it would not work.
  • BT would be very cool. If this was for a permanent installation, I would definitely try it. But this whole set up is for the development of an "open source" radar system.


    So before I connect the GUI on my PC to the Basecam controller, I simply pull the Tx and Rx wires out of the Arduino development shield sockets.

    Not perfect but it seems to be the simplest.