Came 7800 - gimbal shakes/goes crazy when I pitch forward or backward
  • Hey guys,
    I've had my came 7800 balanced for about a week now, and it was working just fine. Then today, I powered it on and everything was working until I pitched it forward. Once I got to about 30 degrees it started shaking, then the whole thing spun around the yaw. I turned it off, confirmed that the yaw axis (and the roll/pitch axis) was balanced. It is fin when it's off, but the moment I turn it on and pitch forward it goes crazy.

    I didn't do too much to the PID as it seemed to work fine out of the box. Alternatively, I tried to autotune everything to see it that would work it out, but the settings it chose were horrible. There was no stability or precision, once I turned the handles, it broke axis and drifted left or right as it if wasn't strong enough. But that's a separate issue, anyone have any ideas for fixing my pitch?

    Also I'm using a sony a7s with canon 16-35mm lens. It is front-heavy, but I was still able to get it balanced.

  • Looks like the power on my pitch motor was too high. I had an earlier profile saved that I figured I'd revert to, and that was the biggest different. Seems to be working for now though! I'll post my Autotune question in a separate thread to see if anyone can help on that specifically.
  • Hello, if your problem is no resolved, please take a video and place here. We try to help you.