• Hello: I am looking for help/advice.

    I just bought a used brushless gimbal with an AlexMos board off ebay.

    My question is about the motors…they all seem to act differently when I rotate them (gimbal powered off)….I am not sure if this is normal or the gimbal is broken and I should return it.

    Here is what is happening: The top (pan) motor seems perfect…smooth and easy. The side (tilt) motor seems to "click" slightly….like it is catching or something…and the the back motor (roll) does not seem to engage directly to the axis…you can rotate it about 5 or 10 degrees before it catches and starts to move the platform….by the way, all 3 motors are the same (ipower 5208).

    I am a newbie looking for help please….again, I am not sure if I am looking at this right or if the gimbal is defective and needs to be returned.


  • Switch on the Alexmos and see if it stabilizes? Test it out then report here again.
  • Hello, we need the video of process what you described.