• Hi I recently purchased a 32 bit High Current 12amp AlexMos Brushless Gimbal Controller original firmware as shown here in the link:


    This is my experience.

    I received a two boards that where soldered together on an angle (I'd like to insert a picture here but I'm not sure how to.)

    No case - it does matter anyway as there is no possible way the board will fit inside the case, the connectors do not line up!

    Bent header pins.

    No instructions.

    IMU cables with the wrong connectors so cannot cable the IMU's.

    No provision for Buzzer, RC_Pitch,RC_Roll,RC_Yaw,Fc_Roll, Fc_Pitch, A1, A2, A3, BTN connections.

    Traces of flux on the bottom of the board - looks like it's been repaired and re- sold as new!

    I can communicate with the board, however there is no motor control!

    Despite conveying all this information to "Fun to buy online" and "Iflight", the only thing I received was the case in a subsequent shipment.
    Useless given the problems I described above.

    I have tried to contact both Fun to buy online and Iflight many times however they do not want to assist nor do they seem to understand or care. So I'm basically left with a piece of junk......!

    I have contacted support at Basecamp however, I have received little positive feedback.

    My suggestion to all given my experience in trying to get this resolved is that if you deal with these suppliers and have a problem, you will basically left on your own.

    No help.

    No feedback.

    No support.

    No understanding.

    Feel free to spread this post amongst other groups.

    Customers should NOT be treated in this manner.