• So simply it's not following. at all. don't know what to do.
    Gimbal is not following any of the axes.
  • have you activated the follow?
  • Sure I did. tried activating everything, separately, same time, all variations. all axes just locked.
    Is there any settings that not in the Follow tab, that might help?
  • What FW are you at. at some older FW RC settings affected Follow and 'I'
  • Latest one and it's 32bit board
  • What is your follow speed?
  • ok, now I see my dumbness, lol
  • I have also a problem with the Yaw Follow me.

    I´ve the 32bit 3A Controller and the Iflight Gimbal with 2x GBM5208-180T for roll and Pitch and GM60-80T for Yaw.
    I´ve mounted the Controller with the 2nd IMU below Yaw Axis.

    After 2 Day experiment the camera is more ore less stable in roll and pitch. In Yaw the Camera also stable and follows my handheld movement but after 3 to 5 movements in Yaw the Yaw axis loses the orientation so when I stop the movement the camera pointed 10 to 30 degrees of the front (yaw) axis.
    Would it help to have the 2nd IMU on top of Yaw?

    I would also appreciate to have the opportunity to take the Yaw Info from my Flight controller to the SimpleBGC so that the Yaw will follow my Kopter yaw axis.
  • Sounds like you have some problem with the follow settings, maybe too high speed. It should not loose orientation like that but over time it will loose orientation because of gyro drift. Hawing Yaw connection from FC would not help.

    This will help if you want to reference the yaw to the airframe http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2243241
  • Thanks , I'll try this solution with the poti.