YAW motor hot even at 20 power
  • I have just changed from 8 bit to 32 bit board on my aerial platform. The YAW was working fine in Follow mode. The Power was around 160 and the motor was running almost cold. Now even at Power set to 20 it gets hot, very hot. The PID values are 30 0.01 110 after Auto Tuning. Why is the motor so hot. It seems to be holding the position with enormous force and it is not following at all. Am I missing anything here??
    I have two IMU installed. Main one is as if attached to the back of the camera with wires coming from the bottom - orientation -Y -Z and the Frame IMU is mounted under YAW motor upright with connectors facing forward orientation Z X. Is there anything I have incorrect causing the motor to overheat ????
  • Something is broken, board, cabling or motor. It definitively should not get hot at power 20.

    What voltage are you using, is it same as before?
  • Everything is the same. Same motor, same battery. I have just changed the board from 8 to 32 bit. The Pitch and Roll seem to be working fine but Yaw is kind of locked. The motor is holding its position firmly. When I try to move it by hand the resistance is unbelievable. It is not actually working at all in terms of stabilization. It just holds firmly the position, Even if I disable the Yaw motor output in Advanced Tab it makes no difference. The motor holds position with all its might :-) Is it [possible that I have something incorrectly set?? But I have no idea what it could be. I was able to make the 8 bit board working without any problem. The follow mode was smooth as butter. I might just go back to that 8 bit board. I am sick and tired of this.....
  • The other issue I am fighting is the FC controller input. I have it connected to the board from Naza V2 exactly the same way with only signal wire and now it is not working at all. Even the control of Pitch from my Tx is not working.
  • It could be a faulty board.... It has the latest Firmware. The Auto PID tuning went well. So, what could be wrong???
  • "The Auto PID tuning went well."

    Are you saying it is running with Power set to 20?? what voltage are you using??

    It would be best to use voltage that is suitable to set the power to 150 to 220 range.

    Are you sure the Yaw motor is connected to Yaw output? If it is on Yaw output and Power is 20 and it is not working, it is faulty motor, wires or board. Measure the wiring/motor, if it is ok, have the board replaced.

    For the Naza connection you need ground also. if they are running from same battery, then ground is already connected. But if they use separate battery, then you need ground wire. Also make sure that the signal wire is connected to signal input pin and correctly configured on GUI. Ig everything is correctly set it will work just the same as 8 bit board.
  • It makes no difference what Power I set it to. The motor gets searing hot in no time even at Power set to 20 !!! It is on 4s LiPo 16V. But it was running on 4s before on 8 bit board at power set to 160 and it was no problem there.
  • It is all powered from one battery, exactly like before. Therefore I am only using the signal wire. But it is not working. I guess it is a faulty board. There is no any other rational explanation for it. I performed the Auto PID tuning just for the YAW axis and set the Power to 100. Just while the Auto tuning was going on, the motor got very hot and the values were set to 220 0.06 77 but the motor was oscillating and vibrating after the auto setting. I had to turn the battery off as I do not want the motor to burn.
  • It would be good to measure the motor (each phase about the same resistance and no electrical connection to motor metal parts)

    Or to test again with the 8 bit board to verify it still works ok with it.

    If the motor, wiring and connection is ok, then it must be faulty board.

    Very strange though that it would work, the only problem being that it gets hot at any power settings?
  • It does not work !! It only holds position like hell. Other than that the motor is not doing anything !!!!! I connected another motor, exactly like the one which is in the gimbal. The same thing. Gets very hot after about 30 seconds. It must be the board. I will reconnect the 8 bit board tomorrow....
  • I have installed the 8 bit board back and everything is working. External FC Roll and FC Pitch shows the readings, the RC pitch is operating from my Tx and the YAW motor works as should in Normal as well as Follow mode. I guess it must be the faulty 32 bit board.....Bummer !!!! I am sending it back to the retailer.
  • Hi Marian. I understand it has been some time since you posted this, but I have the same problem with the pitch connection on my 32bit board. Since you have been the only person on any forum to explain it accurately, I was wondering if you sent back your board or managed to find the root of the problem. Thanks