Info of purchase process
  • Hello, I think it's a good idea to explain as distributors serving customers, is a bit confusing purchasing process and few explanations. I hope it is useful for all users

    I just bought: 1 x ArmBGC V2.0 "AlexMOS" Controller With IMU. and 2 x BGM5206-150 at ArmBGC shop, as you'll have been informed of the process.
  • Hi Albert,

    I'm looking at purchasing exactly the same items from ArmBGC, can you tell me if you had any problems getting your items and also if you know what the difference is between their controller board and the others the fact that it says optional 3rd axis coming soon?


  • I would HIGHLY recommend NOT buying anything from armbgc!!! On 4/13/13 I ordered 2 motors from armbgc.com (BGM2208-80). Todays date is 6/29/13. As of today I have still not received these motors. For the past month and a half I have emailed back and forth with someone from armbgc. The following are the emails:

    Me (5/20): It has been approximately 5 weeks, and I still have not yet received my order. Someone there gave me a tracking number, but I do not know the website of where to check the delivery status. Can you please inform me as to when I will receive my order?

    Armbgc (5/21): OK , today we check it with our HK office.

    Me (5/29): Have you found anything out yet? It's been 6 weeks since I've ordered these motors.

    Armbgc (5/29): we resend you motors, if you not receive unthil end of next week.

    Me (6/11): I still haven't received the motors and it has been months since I've ordered them. At this point I would appreciate if you credited my account for the $78.98 that I paid. This is very discouraging!

    Armbgc (6/12): we are not post service and we hav't guaranty any receiving date. your motor is shipped, and on the way

    Me (6/14): You have got to be kidding me! I have been hearing that my motor shipped for the past 2 months! Your website says 15-30 days and it's been 60! It is your responsibility to ship me the components not mine. If I do not get refunded immediately, I will post these emails on every single forum for everyone to view how your company runs! Learn how to value your customers and follow through once they pay you! You would not exist if it wasn't for your customers. SHAME ON YOU!

    Armbgc (6/15): We not the post company and we don't guarantee work of post services. we write approximate terms on a site instead of is concrete, ourselves often buy in other shops, and we have some problems with postal services. once again sorry we will try to solve your problem.

    Me (6/22): Yet another week has gone by and I still have not received my parts! It has been approximately 68 days since I've ordered 2 small motors! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am going to go on every forum right now and will tell everyone about your inexistent customer service!

    Me (6/28): As of today it has been a total of 76 days since I ordered 2 small motors from your company. The customer service you have provided is absolute garbage! I sent an email last week and nobody has responded. I want a refund for the motors and I want it immediately! This is the most ridiculous lead time on an item I've ordered in my entire life. You should truly be ashamed for your lack of customer service in correcting this situation!

    This website is truly a joke. I have read every single post in this thread and heard a few complaints from individuals experiencing similar problems that I'm experiencing now. An Armbgc representative showed their the lack of class by calling "CG Photo" a liar in this thread! Are you kidding me??? I am not here to create any drama or problems, however, I would like to inform everyone that Armbgc does not deliver on their promises, nor do they understand the meaning of customer service. As of today, it has been 76 days since I ordered 2 motors, and they have stopped emailing me. I have requested multiple times that they refund my $78.98 and they've refused. Please be careful when ordering from this website! It appears to be a business that seems to have the billing aspect of their business under control, but that's where it stops!

    Oh and by the way, if they call me a liar, I have proof of the email correspondence to back up every single word in this email. I am in NO way affiliated with armbgc or any of their competitors, so I'll throw that out there prior to them making this accusation. I've seen them accuse a person of this on another forum.


  • Thanks danny i will avoid that company...

    does anyone know when the 3rd axis add on card will be on sale?? or maybe this new V3 card?? all seems a bit confusing haha

  • Dejan Vujovic
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    CountryUnited States Phone number (630) 881-1126

    This order shipped in April 20 after 2 day to payment
    here is track number and all can see it

    they couldn't find this client and transfer him a parcel as we see, such аддреса isn't present, and nobody addressed to them concerning this parcel.

    as we see to the client a parcel isn't necessary, it is necessary to him a reason for slander

    now this customer send other address.

    17W116 Fern St.
    Willowbrook, IL 60527

    as we informed from shipping company , the cant fin

    As we understand it very probably on wrecking from the competitive company.

    yes we sometimes have delays with delivery, but it is connected with a large number the order and problems with products which we try to solve that our clients received a good product as you know it everything while as the Beta the version.
  • Armbgc. I would personally sue your asses off if I had ordered anything from you and you posted my personal information on the Internet. I have not and never will deal with you at all. Your business practices and ethics are garbage. You deserve everything you get!